The Narcotics Division is responsible for all investigations involving the sale, manufacturing, distribution, and transporting of illegal narcotics in Sumter County. The agents assigned to this division also investigate alcohol related offenses such as sales to minors, licensing issues, and the manufacturing of illegal substances such as moonshine.


    This unit is also responsible for all undercover operations involving our agency. Aside from undercover drug transactions and surveillance, they also investigate other activity considered deviant or perverted such as prostitution, illicit sex in public places, illegal gambling, cases involving child pornography or online child sex predators, and illegal activities involving or taking place in regulated businesses such as night clubs.


    Our Narcotics Division actively participates in investigations with SLED, DEA, FBI, the SC Attorney General’s Office, US Marshals, IRS, INS/ICE as well as numerous other local, state, and federal agencies. Together, they all work towards the same goal of fighting crime while sharing the financial and personnel burdens associated with major operations. They also work hand in hand with the other divisions within our office by coordinating overlapping investigations or in a support role when surveillance or drug identification is needed.


    Lieutenant Trevor Brown oversees the daily operations of this unit as well as the Third Judicial Circuit Drug Analysis Lab and our liaison to the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office Internet Crimes Task Force. If you have any information on potential drug activity in your area or would like to speak with an agent, please email Lieutenant Mays or call 803-436-2000.