The Training Division is responsible for maintaining each deputy’s certifications and keep them up to date with various classes and practical hands-on exercises. In addition to the well known driving and firearms training, each deputy also goes through regular training in updated legal matters, new or changing laws, use of force, terrorism, hazardous materials response, leadership, pepper spray, TASER, and various other subjects. The deputies in our office attend monthly in-house training as well as classes at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy and other venues across South Carolina and the nation.

    This unit also prepares new recruits for the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy’s basic law enforcement curriculum. Each new employee undergoes several weeks of training prior to attending the 12-week program in Columbia to become a certified law enforcement officer in South Carolina. They also prep other deputies for advanced training and instructor certification courses.

The Training Division is heavily involved with the training, issuing of equipment and maintenance of our S.E.R.T. and Water Rescue and Recovery teams. These units train on a regular basis for potentially the worst of situations.

    The unit is led by Lieutenant Jeffrey Richardson, 803-436-2043.