The Civil Process Division is comprised of several different branches, including Warrants, Family Court and Courtroom Security. Among the responsibilities of these units are the service of various civil and criminal papers, dealing with evictions, serving various court orders, family court papers and private service of papers for other agencies, attorney offices and any other entity that needs a paper served within Sumter County.

    The Civil Process Division also handles security for the Family Courts as well as General Sessions. They coordinate efforts with the Sumter County Clerk of Court's office to maintain the utmost security during sessions of the courts and ensure uninterrupted hearings so they may stay on schedule with the dockets. These deputies are also responsible when court is not in session to try to execute any bench warrants that may have been issued during the previous session. They also assist in prisoner escorts to and from other jurisdictions so that offenders can face judgement for their crimes in Sumter County.

    The division is overseen by Major Terrance Colclough. If you have any questions or concerns, or would just like more information, please feel free to call them at 803-436-2032.