The Investigations Division is tasked with following up on all reported crimes, working with victims of crime, initiating new criminal investigations, forensics, coordinating with other agencies, overseeing juvenile investigations, and the collection and safekeeping of evidence. The Investigations Division is one of the most diverse units within our agency.

     This division is responsible for investigating all crimes and suspicious activity reported to our office. After the incident report is taken by patrol deputies and any initial follow up investigation that may have been done, the case is turned over to investigators to continue working and bring it to a close. Ranging from cases as simple as vandalism to a mailbox to higher priority cases such as violent crimes, arson, or identity theft, the men and women of this division work it all.

     The Investigations Division also includes the crime scene forensic technicians and the evidence custodian. These investigators are responsible for the processing of crime scenes for evidence, photographing crime scenes, collecting and logging the evidence collected, and then processing the evidence in-house or forwarding it to SLED or the FBI. They are also responsible for maintaining the chain of custody of all evidence and preserving it for court.

     If you have any information on past or pending cases or need information from someone in this division, please email Lieutenant Monahan, call 436-2000, or you may click one of the links in the upper right of the page to submit information confidentially.