The K-9 unit of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office is comprised of five K-9’s and handlers and a lead K-9 trainer. The unit is headed by Sgt. Robert Reynolds. These dogs are fully trained in patrol techniques, tracking, officer protection, and drug detection.

    All of our K-9’s were hand picked by professional trainers oversees and imported to the United States where they spent the first couple of years of their life going through extensive training. Because of the quality bloodlines and amount of training they received, each dog cost approximately $8,000. The dogs quickly pay for themselves with drug seizures and the apprehension of fleeing suspects. Last year, the K-9 unit was responsible for the seizure of thousands of dollars and approximately 53 combined pounds of various narcotics from over 400 searches conducted.

    In addition to patrol duties, the K-9 unit routinely assists other divisions with executing search warrants, high-risk warrant service, building clearing and large-scale area searches for drugs.

    If you would like more information on the K-9 unit, please feel free to contact Sgt Tassone.